Links & Resources

To support a healthy lifestyle you require resources. When you build a community of like minded individuals around you including wellness practitioners, vendors, suppliers, local markets and small business owners, you build support at every turn in your life. 

Without my community supporting me, maintaining a healthy, positive lifestyle would be much harder than it needs to be. Businesses listed on this page are people that can be relied on to provide professional expertise and incredible customer service. 

Market Vendors & Suppliers

Fifth Element Fine Foods (owner, Keith Goodale)

Calgary, AB

The go to guy for mushrooms Fifth Element Fine Foods supplies a wide range of locally sourced (when possible)mushrooms. as well as wild foraged foods, oils, grains and other unique products.  Located in the Crossroads Market you can also find imported truffles, wild foraged foods, oils, grains and other unique products that will allow you to make creative delicious dishes that support your plant based whole foods  lifestyle.

High Arctic Seafoods & Steak

Evansburg, AB

Offering a great selection of the healthiest, highest quality, food available High Arctic Seafoods & Steak delivers seafood, fish, bison, chicken, pork, & beef right to your door. All products are AAA quality, free range, and government inspected. Free of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals & water injections, all fish is wild (not farmed).

Innisfail Growers

Airdrie, Bearspaw, Calgary, Cochrane, Olds, AB

Innisfail Growers are five Alberta farm families that cooperatively bring their locally produced products to central Alberta markets. Supplying fruit, vegetables, preserves and meat to many area markets you will find a wide variety of top quality  reasonably priced products. Innisfail Growers can be found year round at the Calgary Farmers Market or seasonally at the Triwood Community Center and Northlands shopping mall.  They can also be found at the Airdrie, Bearspaw, Cochrane & Olds summer markets.

Tea... And Other Things (owner, Kelly Joyner)

Cochrane, AB

A beautiful little Tea Shop in Cochrane with over 400+ teas!  Stay for cup, take some home or order online from their e-mail catalogue.  Tea accessories and related treats available. Kelly and her staff offer fantastic customer service.


The Jungle Farm (owners, Blaine & Leona Staples)

Innisfail, AB

Everything from fresh local vegetables to BC fruit to preserves..  At The Jungle Farm you can pick your own strawberries, raspberries, saskatoons, and an assortment of vegetables through out the summer season or purchase them fresh off the farm.  Although not certified organic they do follow organic practices.  Please inquire with the farm concerning strawberries and the use of pesticides.

The Silk Road Spice Merchant (owners, Colin Leach & Kelci Hind)

Calgary, AB 

Not a high end boutique but your local go to for spices, herbs, & seasonings.  Stock is fresh, and they grind as much of their product on site as possible. A visit to The Silk Road will inspire you create fantastic dishes that will benefit your health.  Shop on line with their catalogue or browse the store for accessories such as cookbooks, mortars, grinders, jars and tins. The Silk Road Spice Merchant also carries a large array of bitters.

The Stock & Sauce Co. (owners, Phil Faba & Kari Faba)

Calgary, AB

A local gem to help you out in the kitchen.  The Stock & Sauce Co make soups, dips, sauces, gravies, dressings and more with fresh whole food organic and local ingredients. Located in the Calgary Farmers Market you will find something regardless of dietary restrictions. Phil & Kari cater to all kinds of special diets including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and common allergens.

Top of The Mountain Beef (owners, Manning Family)

Elkwater, AB

Top quality grass-fed (and finished) Alberta beef. The Manning family provide nutritious, certified organic forage for their beef they and don’t receive dubious injections. The soil, plants, and water on the ranch are as pure and healthy as is possible producing a superior product for you and your family. Available at Crossroads Market, or pick up arrangements can be made through their website.


Wellness Resources

Amaryllis Yoga Studio (Owner Sarah Clark)

Cochrane, AB

Sarah has created a yoga community rather than studio. Amaryllis Yoga Studio offers the widest variety of yoga styles for all ages and levels. Hatha, vinyasa, yoga nidra, meditation, specialized workshops and exotic yoga retreats you will find something that works for you.. The variety of high quality instructors is second to none and a big part of the unique atmosphere found at Amaryllis. A respected pillar in our community. 

Workshops lead by Amaryllis instructors and specialized guests are continually offered and range from foundational work to kids summer camps.  You are sure to find something to pique your interest if not weekly, definitely monthly!  All workshops are open to new and existing yoga students. 

Apple Blossom Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (Dr. C Parrott RAc, DTCM)

Calgary & Airdrie AB, 

With extensive training in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Tui Na Massage and other traditional and modern healing techniques Christianne focuses on the root cause of symptoms and your individual needs. Professional in her approach she truly cares for her patients and has passion for what she does. 

Health concerns from chronic illness, pain, injuries, sport’s injuries and conditioning, digestive problems, women’s health, emotional and psychological issues, stress, headaches, respiratory issues and more can be treated. 

With two offices Christianne is accessible at her downtown location or in Airdrie at the Optimum Wellness Center. 

Canmore Hot Yoga (Hillary Wood)

Canmore, AB

Offering Hatha, Vinyasa, and Anti-gravity yoga, Hilary is the person responsible for my love of yoga developing. She welcomes  everyone into her space without judgement and her teaching style holds space for you to grow each and every time you practice regardless if you are a newbie or seasoned pro. A studio and atmosphere unmatched anywhere. 

A variety of workshops such as Aerial, Qigong, Pilates, or foundational work are always available.

Proactive Health (Greg Long D.C.)

Cochrane, AB

Dr. Greg Long specializes in most types of chiropractic, sports injuries and soft tissue injuries, and certified in active release techniques (A.R.T.) and Graston Techniques.  Greg genuinely cares about his patients and gets tremendous results through his varied approaches. He has a genuine desire for your body to be functioning at its best. I met Greg through yoga and he is arguably one of the best yoga instructors around. His appreciation for the community around him is endearing and has been an integral part of my personal wellness team. 

Combining traditional and progressive chiropractic techniques the Proactive Health Team will keep you in the game no matter what sport. 

Simplicity Natural Health Clinic (Dr. Lynette Panych, ND)

Cochrane, AB

Dr. Lynette's focus is on lifestyle changes through nutrition and mind-body relaxation techniques. Her approach will help you find balance and structure around what needs to be addressed medically, what can be treated with naturopathic medicine, and what you can do for yourself.  She is also trained in and experienced with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and botanical medicine.  The clinic features Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) offering massage therapy and hot stone massage.