Managing Anxiety & Depression

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Conversations while Cooking in the comfort of home nourishes the mind, body and soul.

Are you faced with anxiety, depression, family issues or in recovery from addiction?

Would you feel better about yourself if you reduced or eliminated medications such as anti-depressants?

Did you know that anxiety & depression can be linked to diet and what you eat often affects moods and your ability to function at your best?

When family issues erupt, did you know having honest conversations can bring relief and insight to difficult situations?

Food & conversation are important but often overlooked aspects to conquering anxiety and depression.

Join Mona Cooley of Cool Family Solutions and Susan Hoy of Culinary Skills & Nutrition for an interactive workshop on the connection between our diet and mental health. Enjoy a sampling of easy to prepare dishes and discover how your current lifestyle and daily choices may be contributing to the discord in your life. 

Together, we will:

  • taste delicious, vibrant foods you can prepare with ease
  • discuss the science behind how the foods we eat negatively impact or help to manage our conditions
  • learn the tools to have honest conversations to nourish you and the family

You will learn:

  • 3 conversation skills that will change the perspective of difficult situations
  • the top 3 foods to include in your diet to eliminate anxiety or depression
  • the top 3 foods to avoid if you have a history of anxiety, depression or addiction

Are you ready to taste how amazing food and learn these simple yet incredible tips for health and family wellness?

Are you ready to leave anxiety & depression behind or become stronger in your recovery?

Space is limited so reserve your seat today!

Sign up before January 1 for EARLY BIRD pricing. Tickets just $35. Regular price $40.

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Register before the EARLY BIRD DEADLINE and receive a 3-DAY MEAL PLAN WITH RECIPES & A REAL CONVERSATIONS WORKSHEET to kickstart your plan into action immediately. 


There is plenty of free parking at the community center. 

What do I need to bring?
Bring along a notepad and pen to make notes. Any prepared questions you would like answered. An appetite for sampling delicious foods. 

What if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?
This class is gluten free. Plant-based whole foods will be featured and suitable for those that are vegetarian/vegan. If you have other food sensitivities such as allergies please contact the organizers.

How can I reach the organizers?
Please email your specific questions to or

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